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Fachgebiet RaumfahrttechnikBachelor's/ Master's Thesis: Analysis Flight Results

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MarconISSta was a spectrum analysis experiment aboard the ISS from August 2018 to February 2019. 12 GB of data was recorded that needs to be analyzed, processed and visualized. Theses will have comparatively high outreach, e.g. in the form of co-authoring papers, the MarconISSta blog, ...

Theses in the following fields are offered:

  • Research on Signal Patterns
  • Data Analysis
  • Interference Detection
  • Geolocation Algorithms
  • Visualization Tools

Required profile:

  • Good knowledge of one or more of the above mentioned fields
  • Good English Skills for Documentation
  • Motivation & Purposefulness: This is not one of these theses where students need 2 years for completion - we want to start now and get the work done


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Brieß

Supervisor & Contact:

Dipl.-Ing. Martin von der Ohe
Room: F514
Tel: +49 (0) 314-75872



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