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Fluiddynamic Actuator

Investigation on Fluiddynamic Actuators for Attitude Control Systems for Pico- Pico- and Nanosatellites
Point of Contact
Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Noack [1]

This project deals with laboratory investigations for a future attitude control system for nano- and pico satellites. This alternative device uses fluid rings for angular momentum storage. Previous work delivered proof for the beneficial usage of fluid-dynamic actuators and resulted in a compact and efficient actuator prototype. Through detailed examination of the flow affecting components, the overall system performance is optimized. Building on previously gained insight, different liquid metals and dielectric fluids are evaluated for their use as a medium for angular momentum storage. Therefore, the mechanical pump performance at different temperatures for the respective fluids is assessed.

Fluiddynamischer Aktuator für TechnoSat
Lupe [2]

Further emphasis is laid on electro-dynamic propulsion mechanisms with focus on the power/weight ratio and the efficiency of the fluid driving components. Moreover, the influence of various channel geometries on the flow properties is analyzed. This research aims at the development of a highly efficient and wear-free actuator system tailored for the attitude control of small satellites.


SALSAT - An innovative nanosatellite for spectrum analysis based on SDR technology
Citation key Grosshans.2018.IAC.SALSAT
Author Großhans, J.; Vu, Quan H.; Balke A., Lohse A.; Maaß, A.; Noack, D.; Buscher, M.; Brieß, K. and Voigt, S.
Title of Book presented at the 69th International Astronautical Congress
Year 2018
Address Bremen, Deutschland
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