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Thermal Design, Structur and Mechanisms

Struktur des Satelliten BEESAT-2

Thermal design of the satellite is implemented completely passively by carefully choosing optical surface properties of the satellite to fine-tune the radiation balance with the space environment. Thus, an acceptable average temperature as well as a minimal temperature fluctuation of the components between sun and shadow phase during one orbit can be achieved. Together, all subsystems provide 24 temperature measurements that are transmitted to the ground station as part of the telemetry.

The satellite structure is made of aluminum and makes up 25% of the total satellite mass, including all joints, screws and bolts. According to the CubeSat specification, BEESAT-2 incorporates redundant deployment switches that disconnect the electronics from the power supply during launch and ascent. The satellite is activated once it is deployed from the launch container and either one of the two switches is closed.

In launch configuration, two heat-wire mechanisms keep the antennas in place at high tensile force. In order to release each antenna, the heat-wire mechanisms can independently be activated.

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