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On-Board Computer

On-board Computer des BEESAT-2

The on-board computer of BEESAT-2 is identical to the flight hardware of BEESAT-1 that operated successfully for more than three years in a sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 720km since September 2009.

The on-board computer has been implemented cold-redundant and consists of a 32 bit ARM7 micro controller running at 60 MHz, 2MB SRAM data memory and 16MB of Flash-ROM program memory. Additionally, 4MB of Flash-ROM are used for storing telemetry collected while orbiting Earth that is transmitted during ground station contact.

The on-board computer supports the acquisition of 52 separate analogue channels.

The on-board computer assembly is additionally equipped with components of the communication subsystem and sensors for attitude determination, namely one hot-redundant three-axis magnetometer and three single-axis MEMS gyroscopes.

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