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BEESAT-2 is a pico satellite mission hosted by the Chair of Space Technology of Professor Dr.-Ing. Klaus Brieß. The satellite was built according to the CubeSat design specificationby staff members of the Chair of Space Technology with active participation of students. Major components of the satellite bus had already been designed during the precursor mission BEESAT-1. These components form the space proven technological basis of the satellite BEESAT-2.

The primary scientific objective of the mission is the technical verification of an innovative attitude control system for picosatellites under space conditions. Miniaturized reaction wheels are used as actuators. Those reaction wheels were already verified successfully on orbit during the research project "Microwheels II".



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  • Trowitzsch, S.; Baumann, F.; Barschke, M.; Brieß, K. (2013): Lessons Learned from Picosatellite Development at TU Berlin, 2nd IAA Conference on University Satellites Missions, Rom (Italien),  3. – 9. Februar
  • Funke, T.; Jahnke, S.; Werner, P.; Trowitzsch, S.; Brieß, K. (2013): Development of a distributed ground segment for multi-mission satellite operations , 2nd IAA Conference on University Satellites Missions, Rom (Italien), 3. – 9. Februar
  • Baumann, F.; Trowitzsch, S.; Nitzschke, C.; Brieß, K. (2012): BEESAT – A CubeSat Series Demonstrates Novel Picosatellite Technologies, 4th European CubeSat Symposium, Brüssel (Belgien), 30. Januar – 01. Februar
  • Trowitzsch, S.; Baumann, F.; Nitzschke, C.; Brieß, K. (2011): Attitude control hardware and algorithms aboard BEESAT-2, 5th Pico and Nano Satellite Workshop on Technology for Small Satellite Research, Würzburg (Deutschland), 22. – 23. September
  • Brieß, K.; Baumann, F.; Trowitzsch, S. (2011): Present and Future Picosatellite Missions at TU Berlin, 8th IAA Symposium Small Satellites for Earth Observation, Berlin (Deutschland), 04. – 08. April
  • Baumann, F.; Trowitzsch, S.; Brieß, K.; Nitzschke, C. (2010): BEESAT – Flugergebnisse und Folgemissionen, Workshop Pico- und Nanosatellitenaktivitäten in Deutschland, Berlin (Deutschland), 8. Juni
  • Trowitzsch, S.; Baumann, F. (2009): Der Picosatellit BeeSat-2 der TU Berlin: Konfiguration und optische Nutzlast , 58. Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress, Aachen (Deutschland) 08. – 10. September

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