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Areas of Research Expertise

Miniaturisation of Components for Small Satellites


Research on the miniaturisation of space components for small satellites provides the technological basis for the research and development of miniaturised and distributed space systems as well as for the application of satellite technologies in Earth observation or planetary exploration. more to: Miniaturisation of Components for Small Satellites

Miniaturised Space Systems


Activities of the Chair of Space Technology in the field of miniaturised space systems focus on a particularly close link between research and teaching in the core areas of nano-satellites and CubeSats, planetary rover, and sounding rockets. more to: Miniaturised Space Systems

Distributed Space Systems


Distributed space systems is the key to overcoming the limitations of single small satellites. A key technology to increase the operation efficiency of distributed satellite systems via formations or even autonomous swarms is the miniaturising of inter-satellite communication technology. more to: Distributed Space Systems

Applications of Space Systems


The use of space technologies in everyday life and its importance for modern societies has rapidly increased in the last decades. Space technologies are used in navigation, earth observation, communications and meteorology. more to: Applications of Space Systems


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