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Hufgard, Fabian; Lengowski, Michael; Barschke, Merlin F.; Harmansa, Nicholas; Klinkner, Sabine and Brieß, Klaus (2018). Preliminary study of an academic micro-satellite formation mission for meteoroid trajectories determination and dust mass flow measurement. Proceedings of the Small Satellites Systems and Services Symposium

Dinkelaker, Aline N.; Kaparthy, Akash; Reher, Sven; Bawamia, Ahmad; Kürbis, Christian; Smol, Robert; Christophe, Heike; Wicht, Andreas; Werner, Philipp; Bartholomäus, Julian; Rotter, Sven; Jördens, Robert; Barschke, Merlin F. and Krutzik, Markus (2018). Optical quantum technologies for compact rubidium vapor-cell frequency standards in space using small satellites. Proceedings of the 6th Reinventing Space conference

Barschke, Merlin F.; Werner, Philipp and Kapitola, Sascha (2018). BEESAT-3 commissioning – better late than never. Proceedings of the 69th International Astronautical Congress

Bartholomäus, Julian; Barschke, Merlin F. and Lehmann, Marc (2018). Development of a single-channel wildfire detection algorithm for the TUBIN mission. Proceedings of the 69th International Astronautical Congress

Barschke, Merlin F.; Gordon, Karsten; von Keiser, Philip; Lehmann, Marc; Starke, Mario and Werner, Philipp (2018). Initial orbit results from the TUBiX20 platform. Proceedings of the 69th International Astronautical Congress

Starke, Mario; Barschke, Merlin F.; von Keiser, Philip (2018). A Modular hardware diagnosis framework for small spacecraft. Proceedings of the 69th International Astronautical Congress

Gerlich, Rainer; Gerlich, Ralf; Montenegro, Sergio; Dilger, Erik; Flederer, Frank; Gordon, Karsten and Barschke, Merlin F. (2018). Verification of the C++-operating system RODOS in context of a small-satellite. in Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Computer Architectures in Space

Frese, Walter and Yoon, Zizung and Briess, Klaus (2018). communication network in LEO: in-orbit veri?cation of intersatellite link by nanosatellite cluster S-Net. Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress (IAC)

Daniel Alexander Sullivan and Johannes Ferdinand Fürstenau and Carl-Ludwig Wonneberger and Cassandra Posada Garcia and Sebastian Grau and Klaus Brieß (2018). Verification of 3-axis Control for a Picosatellite via Fluid Dynamic Actuators.

Großhans, J.; Vu, Quan H.; Balke A., Lohse A.; Maaß, A.; Noack, D.; Buscher, M.; Brieß, K. and Voigt, S. (2018). SALSAT - An innovative nanosatellite for spectrum analysis based on SDR technology. presented at the 69th International Astronautical Congress

Dinkelaker, Aline N.; Christopher, Heike; Brandt, Doreen; Werner, Philipp; Bartholomäus, Julian; Barschke, Merlin F. and Krutzik, Markus (2018). QUEEN: Design Study for Optical Frequency References on Small Satellites. presentation at the 82th Annual Meeting of DPG and DPG Spring Meeting of the Atomic, Molecular, Plasma Physics and Quantum Optics Section (SAMOP)

Barschke, Merlin F. (2018). Small satellite development at Technische Universität Berlin and the technology demonstration mission QUEEN. presentation at From Quantum to KOSMOS - Optical Quantum Technologies for Small Satellites


Noack, Daniel; Jäckel, Klaus; Reibe, Mathias; Hartmann, Frank; Pirwitz, Stefan and Brieß, Klaus (2017). XLINK - A 0.3 U Sized X-Band Transceiver for NanoSats. 68th International Astronautical Congress

Buscher, Martin; Balke, Alexander; Brieß, Klaus (2017). Potential new allocations to small satellite TT&C and regulatory status of small satellites. 68th International Astronautical Congress (IAC)

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