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PROMENG – Practice Oriented Master Programmes in Engineering in RU, UA, UZ
Point of Contact
Dipl.-Ing. Dmitriy Ostroverkhov [1]
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Briess [2]
Lupe [3]

The project envisages to improve Master programmes of Electrical Engineering aligning them with modern societal conditions of the target partner countries RU, UA and UZ. By means of the adjustment of universities to the changing labour market and European educational standards the programme allows them to remain responsive to employers’ needs, thus ensuring employability throughout the professional life of graduates.

Lupe [4]

At the same time, PROMENG seeks to further strengthen the cooperation between Europe and the partner countries by implementing a coherent set of activities aimed at offering new advanced Master programmes in Engineering that are consonant with new developments in that sphere with special focus on the market demand and in accordance with the Bologna Process.

Lupe [5]


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Enrico Stoll
Tel. +49 30 314-21339
Raum F 515
sekretariat@rft.tu-berlin.de [6]

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