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News from BEESAT

BEESAT-4 images hurricane "Irma"

Tuesday, 24. October 2017

Hurricane "Irma" on 09.09.2017 captured by BEESAT-4

On September 9th, hurricane “Irma“ ranted over the Caribbean islands. Photos of this natural disaster were taken by the 1U CubeSat BEESAT-4 of TU Berlin. The attitude control of the 3 axes stabilized picosatellite was used to take targeted pictures. The experiment was commanded from the ground station of TU Berlin and a command list was saved in the memory of the on board computer. The list was executed and the attitude control system started to turn the satellite at 15:08:00 UTC towards its commanded attitude. After the slew maneuver the camera pointed nadir and the satellite was stabilized. From 15:11:27 UTC four pictures of “Irma“ were taken every 15 seconds. The four pictures were merged and the shown photo composition is the result. The swath width of the picture is 200km and the height is 490km. With the aid of reaction wheels the camera was pointed nadir and stabilized. The camera with an resolution of two megapixels was used to take the pictures of “Irma“.

Planning of image acquisition was done in a STK (Satellite Tool Kit) simulation. The pass of BEESAT-4 over "Irma" was simulated to determine the perfect moment to take a picture of the hurricane's eye. The screenshot shows the field of view of the camera above the Caribbean and the estimated position of the eye of “Irma“.

Another picture shows Sascha Kapitola holding the EQM (Engineering Qualification Model) of BEESAT-4. This model equals BEESAT-4 in orbit. The dimensions of the satellite are 10x10x10cm³ and its mass is 1kg.

Furthermore BEESAT-4 celebrated a special jubilee, exactly one year ago on September 9th 2016 it was deployed into its orbit and is operated since then.

Sascha Kapitola shows the laboratory modell of BEESAT-4
Screenshot of a STK simulation for planning the image acquisition of hurricane "Irma"

Further News

BEESAT-4 in Orbit

View of Mission Control Center while operating BEESAT-4

BEESAT-4 was successfully deployed by the BIROS satellite on Friday the 9th of September 2016 at 11:00:15 UTC. About 100 minutes later, the Picosatellite sent its first signals to earth. Both satellites were launched on the 22nd of June 2016 from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SHAR) in India. Since then the BEESAT-4 spacecraft stayed in the Single Picosatellite Launcher (SPL) aboard of BIROS. more to: BEESAT-4 in Orbit

BEESAT-4 - Ready for launch!


On April 28th 2016 the picosatellite BEESAT-4 was delivered to the DLR in Adlershof in order to be shipped to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SHAR) in India. For BEESAT to be properly secured, it has been integrated in the BIROS satellite. more to: BEESAT-4 - Ready for launch!

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