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Since 2003, the Chair of Space Technology has been led by Professor Dr.-Ing. Klaus Brieß.

Since joining the Technische Universität Berlin as professor of space technology, he has dealt extensively with nano and pico satellite technologies and their various uses for the communication and remote sensing of the Earth, Moon and planets. Professor Brieß has special expertise in the area of satellite engineering with a focus on the miniaturisation of space technologies for use in micro, nano and pico satellites as well as space sensors.

Professor Brieß previously worked in aerospace on different instrumentations and missions for the remote sensing
of the earth, moon, planets, comets and asteroids. Since 1994, his research and development activities has focussed on small satellite missions. As an employee of the German Aerospace Centre from 1996 to 2003, Professor  Brieß led the first satellite mission (BIRD) to success.


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