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Fachgebiet RaumfahrttechnikBachelor's/ Master's Thesis: Satellite Payload Development

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SALSA is an incredibly interesting small satellite payload that deals with the analysis of radio frequency spectrum use from space. The payload makes use of a highly integrated RF transceiver chip, an FPGA and a microcontroller that will be assembled on a single board. In this project, work packages cover topics in software, hardware & test development.

For this reason, we do not announce a specific thesis topic, but rather thesis fields from which you can choose according to your skills and interests.

The payload is planned to fly in max 2 years from today, so the work better starts today than tomorrow!

Theses in the following fields are offered:

  • Storage / Archiving Concept for Payload Data
  • GUI Development for Mission Control and Offline Analysis
  • Development of Operation modes for Small Satellite Payload
  • Verification Plan for Small Satellite Payload
  • Development of Test Setup for Payload Ground Qualification
  • Optimization of FPGA gateware for Digital Signal Processing
  • Integration concept of an VHF antenna into a Nanosatellite Bus
  • Algorithms for Detection of RF Signals
  • Algorithms for Signal Decimation & Processing based on FPGAs

Required profile:

  • Good knowledge of one of the above mentioned fields
  • Good English Skills for Documentation
  • Motivation & Purposefulness: This is not one of these theses where students need 2 years for completion - we want to start now and get the work done


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Brieß

Supervisor & Contact:

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Buscher
Room: F514
Tel: +49 (0) 314-75872



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